Background & Briefing

Once upon a time Snickers introduced the theme phrase “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, which even became part of pop culture. In 2019 a new European campaign line was introduced: “Your friend becomes a (…) when he’s hungry!”.

The fresh theme was accompanied by special Snickers bars displaying different personas you turn into while suffering from a hunger breakdown. All of them particularly suitable to hand to your hungry friends. But then the ultimate question arose:
How can we enthusiast both retailers as well as the target group?

Question/ challenge:
Create an activation with a focus on reach and that activates the focus target group (young males, 16 – 25 years old) to go to the retailers to purchase Snickers. All this while fitting placements offline, online and in store.

Strategy & Concept

The main challenge was to activate this specific target group. They do not act just because a brand tells them to. We needed to follow their culture, words, rules and role models. In the Netherlands, hip-hop and bantership are big parts of mainstream youth culture. Right there Snickers saw an opportunity to expand their brand platform by encouraging their audience to call out friends on their hungry behavior.

We created T-shirts with different words, designed as the Snickers logo, that seamlessly tapped into the popular logo shirts youngsters are wearing nowadays. To create rumor around the T-shirts, we handed out personalized Hunger shirts to multiple Dutch influencer giants, such as Kalvijn, Dylan Haegens and Bram Krikke. We carefully selected the influencers by means of an overlap in followers, in order to increase reach and contact frequency. Showing custom printed T-shirts related to the particular influencers and not mentioning the brand Snickers, sparked the ‘what’s-going-on’-feeling. Yet, their followers noticed and got hungry for a T-shirt of their own.

To really get the bantership going, we organized ‘The Epic Live Diss Session of Hungriness’. A one-hour live performance, starring: P-Nut: an animated diss rapper, voiced by Dutch rapper L-Deep. An all-time first, because never before an animated character went live on Instagram and reacted to and dissed the viewers in real-time. He even gave away free Hunger shirts.

In order to promote the live diss session, P-Nut called out our target group via social media to watch and mention a hungry friend so he/she could be dissed live on Instagram. To get the maximum use out of the influencers we invited them to enter and join the virtual roasting arena. They all underwent a personal live diss-session by P-Nut. Thanks to the large number of viewers that each one brought along, the livestream obtained an enormous reach.


The campaign exceeded all our expectations.
In the first layer the influencers reached a total of 1.8 million people in Snickers’ target group. The average engagement rate of 16%, with an occasional 20%, was exceptional. This resulted in over 500,000 interactions with the influencers’ content.

The shirts sold out immediately. Within the livestream P-Nut entertained about 12,000 people, gave away dozens of Hunger shirts and elevated the campaign to even greater heights. In total, we reached up to 4.5 million people with an average frequency of 4. By combining paid media, smart influencer content and an innovative livestream, we truly became part of the culture of our target audience, while making fun of them and their friends.